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▸▸▸ TheBerkshires24-7.com - Things to Consider:       ✓ Our site is INTENTIONALLY SIMPLE ... not flashy or overwhelming, and very easy to navigate. Clear information is in plain view, as soon as you land on our site. Our ads are strategically and creatively placed (ie: our advertising WHEEL, Sticky Notes and Blackboards) to compliment the content, not bury it. Afterall, it is the content that attracts our viewers in the first place!
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      ✓ Our site is ORGANIZED - information and resources in one place... someone who is looking for nightlife can easily click links to find additional information about the entertainment, and the venue. Someone searching for a spot to swim will find ALL 75 Berkshire County lakes with maps/directions to them. Performing art venue listings offer the CURRENT COMPLETE season program schedule, and restaurant options to dine at are ONE CLICK away. ...you get the message here.
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